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2022 Kathy Christiansen Scholarship Winners:

Megan Hogan

Megan is a student at Iowa State University pursuing a degree in Animal Science followed by a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Megan will graduate in May 2024.

Erin Schultz

Erin is a student at the University of Iowa pursuing a degree in Accounting with a minor in Informatics. Erin will graduate with her Bachelor's degree in December 2022. Upon graduation, Erin plans to continue her education to obtain a Master's degree.

Abigail Schultz

Abigail is a student at the University of Iowa pursuing a degree in Management with a minor in Philosophy. Abigail will graduate in May 2025.

Previous Scholarship Winners and Schools*

*Schools are as of the year of Scholarship award. 


Gillian Overturf - Grandview College

Lola Knight - University of Iowa

Erin Schultz - University of Iowa


Amber Finke - University of Northern Iowa

Hayden Friedrichsen - University of Iowa

Brock Sobaski - Iowa State University


Peyton Dittolla - Iowa State University

Carter Bachman - Iowa State University

Carlee Ellsworth - University of Iowa


Brooke Thiele - Iowa State University

Lauren Tidgren - Iowa State University

Conner Johnson - University of Iowa


Caitlyn Owens - University of Iowa

Abbigail Denner - University of Iowa

Carissa Bowie - Drake University


Ben Tidgren - Iowa State University

Jessica Lamb - Simpson College

Cassandra Owens - Drake University

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